Vote Yes on A & B
— It’s Time for Accountable, Better Government


Measure A — An Independent Finance Commission

Voting Yes on A would improve the Town’s fiscal management and increase transparency. Measure A would create an advisory-only Finance Commission of five citizen members to advise the Town Council on budgeting best practices, sound fiscal management and capital expenditures. We believe that Los Gatos’ brightest business, economic and financial minds should have the ability to lend their expertise for the betterment of our town and so do thousands of your neighbors.


Measure B — Common-Sense Term Limits

Term limits are a fair and simple fix to increase voter choice and participation in Los Gatos. If approved, Measure B would limit Town Council members to two consecutive four-year terms. We believe that voters should have the ultimate decision about the direction of our town and your neighbors agree — no one submitted an argument against Measure B.


To Our Readers and Fellow Voters:

We made an error on our mailer which implied that former Mayor Tom Ferrito endorsed Measure B.  We stated that he endorsed Measure A however, his picture appeared in the middle of a group of us who supported both Measures A and B.  Because the mailer stated “We're On The Same Page.” and “Los Gatos Community Leaders Are On The Same Page.", it appeared that he also endorsed Measure B, but he absolutely does not support B.  We regret the error.