Measure A — Finance Commission

Do you believe the Los Gatos Town Council could benefit from expert financial and operating advice provided by five highly qualified town residents with significant private sector experience?

If your answer is “Yes” then join us in voting Yes on A.

Total net government spending by the Town increased by 72% between 2015 and 2019. Are the services you receive from the Town 72% better than they were five years ago?

We need to approve Measure A to better our financial oversight and get our fiscal house in order.

Most elected officials are not financial experts nor do they have a financial background. Measure A will let highly qualified Los Gatos residents with extensive professional experience in business, economics or finance lend their expertise in a non-paid advisory role to the Town Council.

The existing Finance Committee charter excludes advising on the Town’s annual budget and prohibits residents from voting. If we want real transparency and accountability, it needs to be replaced.

Measure A takes the best practices of other cities in California that have a history of strong fiscal management by creating a volunteer Finance Commission that will provide important guidance to the Town Council in its budgetary decisions, fiscal policies and financial priorities.

Los Gatos has a deep reservoir of experienced talent. These individuals will bring new and innovative thinking that will increase effectiveness and transparency. Whether or not their advice is acted upon, remains the Council’s decision.

This measure does not take away any legal authority from the Town Council, which is ultimately accountable to Los Gatos voters regarding budget and fiscal decisions. Measure A simply increases the number of qualified residents who provide advice to the council in making those important decisions — at no additional cost to taxpayers.

Please vote Yes on Measure A to help protect the future fiscal stability of Los Gatos.