Measure B — Term Limits

Measure B will establish common-sense term limits for the Los Gatos Town Council. Measure B is on the ballot because a citizen-led initiative qualified for the ballot, with signatures from more than 2,500 of your Los Gatos neighbors.

Term limits increase voter choice by making elections more competitive and encouraging more candidates to run. They have also shown to increase diversity of the backgrounds of those elected.

Throughout Santa Clara County and California, voters have overwhelmingly supported term limits for public officials. Without them, over time, incumbents become entrenched politicians who can forget about the people they were elected to serve. Our local system of government flourishes when there is a constant flow of new citizens who can promote fresh ideas and solutions.

Of the other 14 cities in Santa Clara County, 12 have enacted some form of term limits. Term limits also apply to California's statewide elected officers and Senate and Assembly legislators.

Because of a lack of term limits and the advantages of incumbency, only 11 different citizens have sat on the 5-person Los Gatos Town Council since 2001. Shouldn’t more residents have the opportunity to serve?

Measure B will give Los Gatos voters a real chance for fresh perspectives, new ideas and change, and it will come at no additional cost to taxpayers.

In 2019 the Town Council had the opportunity to proactively place a term limit initiative before the voters, but they chose not to. They did this even though they knew there was overwhelming support for term limits.

Measure B will break this cycle of entrenched incumbency by setting a reasonable limit of two council terms with a four-year break before allowing an individual to rerun for election.

Term limits will improve our political process and open our government. Please join us in voting Yes on Measure B.