Why does Measure A merge the Sales Tax Oversight Committee duties into the Finance Commission?

Measure A will fix a broken and non-functioning Sale Tax Oversight Committee by merging the Sales Tax Oversight Committee duties into the newly established 7 person Finance Commission. When Measure G (Sales Tax Measure) was approved by voters in November 2018, the measure “required independent Citizen Oversight to ensure funds are spent in furtherance of Town Objectives” such as improving traffic flow, repairing potholes and enhancing local crime prevention programs. The Town Council originally passed a resolution creating a 7-person Oversight Committee and mandated, among other things, that the Committee meet two times each year. This was never fully implemented. Today, the oversight committee has only 2 people and has met one time in two years. This is not oversight and is not what Measure G mandated. Measure A will permanently fix this problem by transferring these duties to a highly qualified Finance Commission thus reducing bureaucracy by eliminating a broken and non-functioning committee and more importantly implement the oversight function mandated by Measure G.