Why should Los Gatos voters support Measure A?

The Los Gatos Town Council could benefit from expert financial advice. Most elected officials are not financial experts and do not come from a background in finance. Voting Yes on A creates a non-paid, advisory-only Finance Commission, allowing highly qualified … Read More

How does Measure A reduce bureaucracy and increase transparency?

Measure A combines two commissions into one, streamlining financial decision-making for the Council by providing outside expert advice. Measure A will also allow the Finance Commission budgetary review, increasing transparency into the Town’s financial decisions and budgeting process.

Do other cities and towns have similar finance commissions?

Yes. Measure A takes best practices from California’s best-managed cities to improve transparency and fiscal responsibility in Los Gatos. Finance commissions bring proven results, providing important guidance regarding budgetary decisions, financial policies and fiscal accountability.

Will Finance Commission meetings be public?

Yes, members of the public will be able to attend Finance Commission meetings. Plus, all binding financial decisions will still be left to the Town Council, which ultimately is accountable to the voters.